Reader: Fuquay is An (Under-Rated) Micro-Brew Heaven

One of our readers, Eric, sent us some compelling reasons to make a trip off the beaten Triangle path and make a night out in Fuquay a priority. (You’re also welcome to submit your own reviews any time!)

All I’m going to say is, Broad Street in Fuquay is one of the most underrated nightlife spots in the Triangle.

As I drive there from Garner I first pass Cooley’s, a restaurant which has a liquor license. They also serve your basic beers that can be found in every store in America. Next comes the right turn onto Highway 55/Broad Street.  The first thing that can be seen is the Aviator Tap House. As you near the Tap House you can see to the right the Aviator Beer Shop and Aviator Smokehouse. Both the Smokehouse and Beer Shop serve the full Aviator menu. The Tap House only serves a partial menu. The Beer Shop also sells rare beers and micro-brews. You can’t go wrong with eating, or drinking at any of the 3 Aviator run bars. All of the Aviator beers are good.  Aviator-Logo-v3

A short walk down the sidewalk will bring you to Nil’s Café which is a Mediterranean Cuisine sandwich shop.  If you look left you will notice a cupcake shop across the street and J&S Pizza which also serves wine, basic beers that can be found in the store, and Carolina Pale Ale (which is another quality local beer).

If you continue to look left you will notice an old Brick building. That is The Brick Bar & Grill, which also serves alcohol and has beer on tap, sometimes including local brews.


And as you continue down the sidewalk you finally arrive at Draft Line Brewery. This is another micro brewery with quality beers. You can’t go wrong with any of theirs either. I really like the Scotch Ale. After drinking at Draft Line, you will come to the exit when leaving and notice a frozen yogurt shop across the street. It is a great place to go, if you are looking for dessert.

A typical night for me on Broad Street includes a trip to at least one of the 4 bars run by the two micro breweries. Sometimes it even includes a trip to the Brick or J&S to drink another local beer.  Broad Street is a very laid back and flavorful area with plenty of free parking, beer, and food. For the beer enthusiast, Broad Street is much more enjoyable than the overcrowded nightlife areas of Raleigh that are constantly monitored by meter maids.  I’ll take a night out on Broad Street over Glenwood South, Moore Square, Hillsborough Street near NCSU, or the Warehouse district any night. It’s micro-brew heaven!


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