Strings of My Heart: Steel String Craft Brewery in Carrboro

So let me paint you a picture. It’s a beautiful spring evening in quaint downtowIMG_20150418_164942963n Carrboro: sunshine, a slight breeze and college students, hipsters and suburbanites walk the sidewalks with purpose. This is the perfect setting to have a beer or flight with friends, and that is exactly what I did. Steel String Craft Brewery is one of those great neighborhood breweries that fit perfectly with its community’s vibe.

The taproom is the kind of space that allows for and encourages deep conversation and debate. My friends and I spent over an hour talking about NC beers and drinking flights. The taproom displays local art and is accented by a large 1940-1950 industrial style mural. There is a great front porch with seating and tables outside where you can enjoy the fantastic North Carolina weather (when it’s fantastic!).received_817284851685975

At the time of our arrival the place was crowded with people of all ages and walks of life. However, two and a half hours later (around 7 pm) the place was almost empty. This was due the fact that this brewery doesn’t serve food, and given its downtown location there is not a good location for a food truck to park close. The other issue worth mentioning is despite having the name Steel Strings Brewery the taproom is not conducive to live music. There is no clear stage or area to have a band (although they have them anyway, along with live jams!). However despite these small negatives, it is still a great place to have a pint.

Flights of your choice of four beers can be purchased, and the beer is worth trying. A few of my favorites include the following:

  • Big Mon IPA: This is the most popular beer at Steel Strings, and it has its own logo, T-shirts and hats. It is a solid IPA: I would consider it a hops-forward beer that you hopheads would love.
  • Rubber Room Session: A good session beer we all really enjoyed it. With citrus notes, it was a perfect match to the wondIMG_20150418_171225993erful spring-like weather.
  • Cryin’ Holy Double IPA: This was my favorite, full of hops but balanced by a malt finish. This beer had it all; I easily could see returning soon for another pint of this one.

I would encourage you to drop by Steel Strings next time you’re near Carrboro have a flight or pint (or two), and let us know about your experience.

Michael Cole lives in Sanford, NC, and loves great food and beer. His taste tends to favor malts over hops so he’s an avid fan of ambers and dark beers.


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